The purpose of a pre-feasibility study is to recognize the opportunity and difficulties that may occur during the project implementation. The outcome is to have a preliminary recommendation in both technical and commercial point of view. In the pre-feasibility study, we assess the possible potential of the area and configuring it to meet the demand. We also determine the characteristic of the load then create a concept of the suitable system to maximize the potential of the area.


Feasibility study would provide a clear vision of what the outcome would be including the overall project plan, theoretical efficiency, and savings that would all be translated into a financial modelling. Our scope of feasibility study includes:

  • Topography diagnostic
  • Energy yield study
  • Ground study
  • Grid connection diagnostic
  • Landscape diagnostic
  • Technical diagnostic
  • Definition of the plant final configuration
  • Delivery of a production statement and a provisional balance sheet
  • First quotation


Our proposal comprises not only the technical but also the commercial standpoint. From the designed system, we provide our customer with the insight on how this project can benefit them in a long term. The expected saving from the electricity produced by the system is calculated to give an estimate investment return period.


We already establish a good relationship with the manufacturers to provide the equipment and goods that can be delivered on time as planned.


First there will be a contract signing and materials procurement, our experienced construction team starts the installation process. Next the installation, that takes around 2 to 5 days for residential projects. For larger scales, e.g. industrial and utility, the duration ranges from a couple of months to a year, depending on the capacity and environment of the project site. In parallel, ASCO also handles the administrative works related to the local authorities. After the installation process is finished, testing and commissioning is done to ensure the system works properly.


After handover to clients, ASCO provides the service to ensure that the PV system always works properly by doing a routine inspection and online inspection, so we can detect any problem as early as it occurs.

  • Asset Management
    Our asset management service includes billing, conducting administrative interface with local authorities, managing grid operations & insurance, and providing reliable hotline support.
  • Monitoring & Reporting
    ASCO carefully monitors the performance of the system by giving a full analysis report, including overall production, consumption, and abnormalities. This feature can also be accessed and monitored by the clients.
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Preventive maintenance is executed by annually inspecting the PV, checking for faults , and detecting hotspots on the array to make sure the system always working on its maximum performance.
  • Corrective Maintenance
    Should there be any major failures detected the client will receive the info via email. Our team will detect the failure and the cause, we will ensure that it is being covered by the warranty. After acquiring the information needed we will deploy a team to repair the abnormality to ensure minimum downtime.