Beaming Future

We are aiming to grow our businesses while assisting our clients in reducing carbon footprint and managing electricity cost for sustainable business operation. Internally, we constantly look into our value chain to monitor the consistency of our sustainable operation.

The Indonesia macro story has been providing foundation for our operating environment. We want our service can contribute to the quality of life and advancement for society across Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua.


Energy Diversification
Job Creation for Skilled Workers
Country Industrialization
Poverty Alleviation
Environment Conservation


With the limited presence of renewable energy in Indonesia, we play key roles in educating the stakeholders. The idea of founding ASCO is to lead the movement of renewable energy in Indonesia to extend the economic and social progress. The movement reflects illumination of ideas and innovation in the untapped renewable energy sector.

We deliver effective energy solution by leveraging technology advancement in solar power generation and providing know-how so that it will provide certain degree of comfort and proven reliability to support competitive advantage creation for the customers. Our dynamic team has international exposure and understanding of local context to create value added to the businesses. We thrive to realize ideas into tangible results for sustainable business operation.


Indonesia‘s energy demand is forecast to increase from 220 Mtoe in 2014 to 418 Mtoe by 2035, or an average growth of 3% per year. The positive long-term outlook for Indonesia‘s economy, growing population and increase in urbanization will translate to higher energy consumption across all sectors. Renewable energy still has minor presence in the national energy mix. However, with the current regulatory regime, the industry will play key roles in shaping the energy sector.

ASCO is currently leading the renewable energy movement by establishing significant penetration of solar power in Indonesia. Our expectation is to make our customers in control with the electricity cost that will affect country competitiveness. Furthermore, the movement will enlighten the stakeholders that the country needs the industry to produce new source of sustainable economic and social growth through job creation, industrialization, poverty alleviation, and environment conservation.

The prototype of solar energy system has been done and proven to be reliable and have seamless integration with the existing grid with commercially viability of having acceptable investment return and payback.

We are rolling out the movement of solar power development in the market and we believe that we are on the right track.

Our Management Team

Our team is experienced in project estimating, management, feasibility, and finance. Leveraging this comprehensive experience and knowledge ensures that clients receive quality work and fair pricing.

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