How ASCO Team Support

Your Solar Energy Panel Services

Project Development

Prospecting & Developing,Engineering Studies, Permitting & Licensing, Power Purchase Agreement, Final Advice & Due Diligence Services

EPC Services

System Designing, Procurement & Purchasing, Project Management, Construction, Commissioning

O & M

Asset Management, Operation Reporting, Monitoring & Supervision, Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Management, Claiming & Warranty, Stock Management


Lease Agreement, Financing & Due Diligence Services

Capturing the sunlight, converted into electricity


Building segment include mal, hotel, school, hospital, and other type of real estate


Industrial segment is our focus as we aim to assist the segment in reducing the utility cost, which will low down the cost of sales


Residential is also part of our market coverage. We expect further inception of solar power will bring benefits for the state and society

Save the environment through the renewable energy. Start from your own home, for better future


ASCO is currently leading the renewable energy movement by establishing significant penetration of solar power in Indonesia

Strong Team
Our in-house team of professionals has the capability to take projects from site evaluation to commercial operation
Best Engineer and

We use standardized construction processes, best-industry practice and superior execution that emphasizes quality and safety throughout project construction

Therefore the strategic vision and mission of our skilled and highly experienced leader and team brings ASCO to the leading position

What makes ASCO getting bigger is also that our products have always maintained in highly performance

Resource Assessment
This team of meteorologists, data scientists and industry specialists provides advanced modeling to assess resources
Environmental Leadership
We generate electricity by using the sun power - clean or renewable energy. We have a responsibility to provide energy to our customers while doing so in way that's sensitive to our environment


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