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Everyday, Indonesia has exposure to sun, which can be converted into energy as part of development agenda in the country. Our interest in solar power development in the country is due to the fact that still millions population in the country do not have access to the affordable electricity whereby solar power still has limited usage in the region with unlimited sun radiation throughout the year. We can understand that electricity is a means to alleviate them out from poverty in a way of empowering their lives.

Our inception into the industry can be traced back in 2011 when one of the founders were deeply involved in the research and advisory service for the industry, while the other founders were deeply involved in commercial and corporate finance. With these combined expertise, our presence was institutionalized through establishment of legal entity, P.T. Asco Prima Surya (ASCO), in 2015 by professionals with international exposure of operating large and complex engineering projects as well as sophisticated financial structuring.

Renewable Energy Movement
With the limited presence of renewable energy in Indonesia, we play key roles in educating the stakeholders. The idea of founding ASCO is to lead the movement of renewable energy in Indonesia to extend the economic and social progress. The movement reflects illumination of ideas and innovation in the untapped renewable energy sector.

We deliver effective energy solution by leveraging technology advancement in solar power generation and providing know-how so that it will provide certain degree of comfort and proven reliability to support competitive advantage creation for the customers. Our dynamic team has international exposure and understanding of local context to create value added to the businesses. We thrive to realize ideas into tangible results for sustainable business operation.

Our Market Segment

Industrial segment is our focus as we aim to assist the segment in reducing the utility cost, which will low down the cost of sales. We expect to initiate the project in Cikarang manufacturing plant as our landmark in the industry. 

Real Estate / Builiding
Urban development will increase various property development for public use, which we expect to add value by reducing its utility cost to make the operation and development more affordable from the property developer/operator perspective. Building segment include mal, hotel, school, hospital, and other type of real estate.
Residential is also part of our market coverage. The evolution of the electricity industry value chain will shift from the household merely as electricity consumer to become both electricity consumer and producer. We expect further inception of solar power will bring benefits for the state and society.
Under this category, we also serve under-developed regions to have affordable electricity access. The category also include early stage of industry that want to establish civilization in the areas, such as plantations and telecommunication providers that do not have access to the electricity from the traditional grid.
Our Services

ASCO designs solar energy system for clients using tier-1 brands for reliability, operability, and seamless integration with the existing electricity grid. Factors taken into consideration in the engineering design process include demand for energy, proven solar feed availability, space availability, and funding requirement.

In conducting the assessment, ASCO uses tools, such as Meteonorm and PVSyst. Using Meteonorm, we can find irradiation data for every place on earth since 1991. Irradiation data includes global radiation, ambient air temperature, humidity, precipitation, days with precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, and sunshine duration. Whilst, PVSyst is used to design the engineering aspect and simulate the expected results. With the inputs of variables, e.g., solar radiation and demand characteristic, PVSyst Output depicts the simulated view of solar power design, including number of solar panel required, area, and potential losses.

Stakeholders will also play important roles in shaping the design from the commercial standpoint. In this case, the multi-criteria decision making will be based on various perspectives on technical, economic, and others.

Best in Class Engineering

In ASCO, we’re eager to implement every possible technology to increase efficiency, high investment return, and ensure the compatibility and harmony between the installed system and the energy demand for a long period of time.

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Engineering Background
Fresh-graduate and Experienced are welcome
Passionate in Engineering Design and Planning
Willing to travel to site location.
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